Travelblogging Journey begins!

Restarting my whole blogging journey after 6 years! Deleted all my old posts and decided to stay focus on what I enjoy – travel and photography!

As I travel more and more the past few years, there were too many photos that I can’t wait to share! Instagram is great, but I can’t keep up with posting individually or selecting just a few. What about themes? Not that I have one that’s only for food or landscapes, but what about the stories I want to tell? There were too many thoughts going on…. Until my friend did hers and I found inspiration to get back on it.

I bought my first ever “pro” camera last year and I’m in love with it. It’s the best investment/purchase I’ve ever decided to go at it. I’ve got so much to practice for, so much to play around with so much so that I have 3 camera bags and now my main lens collected dust in it….. I suppose why there’s photoshop and lightroom….

The off-the-beaten-path that rarely anyone ever really ventured, the small little details that many times we may have missed when we stay so focused on capturing that picture perfect/instagram worthy spots, the magnificient view of the cities and above that’s hard to be captured on a small camera, the movements and expressions of the locals that goes on about their lives everyday – traveling allowed me to see things differently when I have to learn to deal with mental issues. I no longer look to suicidal moments, I no longer look to hurting myself, I no longer take the routes that sinks me deeper. Rather, I’ve learned to love life in a way that teaches me values I never thought to appreciate.

Enough said, I can’t wait to share with you my journeys around the world, what I’ve seen, tasted, heard, breathed, touched!

Feel free to comment on how I can take better photos, or must-visit places or any other things you’d like to say 🙂

Signing off!


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