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Finest of the Mexican Food

Made a decision to spend my 32nd birthday this year in Mexico City and I’m glad I did. It was a 3 day trip across 4 nights. But the most memorable event was the food.

I love Mexican food, and I know that food tastes best in their own country and Mexico did not disappoint. Through a friend’s recommendation, we tried the famous Pujol (watch Chef’s Table for a history of Chef Enrique Olvera) and had a blast! At least I did. It was exquisite and personal (both service and food). Every dish was made with special care and services was beautifully hospitable.

Lets start it off with what the menu looks like:

How could you not love that its waxed stamped?

Are you ready for drinks?

You had me at watermelon peppermint 🙂

How delicate and beautiful are the street snacks display? Deliciously smoked at the right flavor.

My choice of octopus was made at the perfect charred texture. Not too chewy not too soft.

The lobster hidden under and in between will leave you wondering “oh my gosh.. I can’t keep up with the delicacies!”

 This duck, at medium, cuts with just 2-3 easy slicer, melts right in your mouth.. oh my.. I just melted…

Here comes the long awaited….

Took me a while to get used to both flavors, but i do miss it. When spread over the leafy tortilla, the combination was delightful.

The palate cleanser.. which i still cant quite figure out what it was. It wasn’t sweet nor bitter nor bland.. the seeds were surprisingly crunchy though.

Now onto the desserts 🤤

This roasted pineapple was much to my delight. Not too dry and not too juicy, not too crunchy not too soft. My favorite dessert 😍

It’s Mexico! We gotta try their chocolate! And it was good!!

Avocado dessert? Of course bring it on! And you surely did ☺️

Now the highlight I’ve been waiting for..

How could you not include the all time Mexican pastry! Churros churros I ❤️ U!

To end it off on a special note

Thank you Pujol for this special treat. You’ve indeed made my first trip to Mexico City memorable and special.


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