The Wanders

Views of Ciudad de Mexico

I have to reiterate that I’d made the right choice of choosing to go to Mexico City during a 4-day long weekend. To many it seems too short, but to me, it was a great start. I am not hispanic at all, but many folks in NYC somehow mistaken me as one. But I always wonder do I really look hispanic? Apparently to the Mexicans, they all thought I was. Everyone just spoke to me in Spanish and I love it, because I can put my one year of spanish practicum to test. Hah! Everyone was very nice, helpful and kind (except for that one thief at the local market)

Shall we begin?

When they say Mexico City…. it’s LITERALLY a city! NYC is a city but this! That’s what I call a city!

I have to say they’ve got some really nice gardens and houses and colorful buildings.

See what I meant by colorful buildings?

Confession: I felt so at home that I actually didn’t think to take more photos….but – I’ve a shot of a view from my Roma Norte Airbnb┬ároom (although this was our original reservation but due to some heat issues, the host gave us access to the roofdeck apartment. SCORE!!):

Pardon the feet. But I wished it was warmer and we had more days to enjoy the rooftop. After some issues with hot water and good timing, we managed to get the additional studio on the roofdeck.. Seemingly “terrifying” climb up the “hole”ly spiral stairs, this makes up for it!

Oh not to forget our neighbor’s cat Frida! Yes you heard that right. Frida…


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