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CDMX through my eyes

When in Ciudad de Mexico, there are a couple of places you gotta see. We didn’t have enough time to see all sights so we had to pick the important ones.. Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting you:

Frida Kahlo Museum

The Garden

I actually love this mirror. Despite that it was of golden tint, it brings out colors of whatever you capture through it.

We couldn’t take photos indoors without having to pay 30 pesos. While it wasn’t expensive to pay for photography, I’m actually glad that I didn’t pay for it. I could actually just enjoy the art and pieces of her life and her home, through my eyes as I scanned through details. The best pasrt was at the furthest exhibit about her fashion. Despite all the surgeries and health issues she went through, she never stopped loving life and living it. Something that we all take for granted when we’re healthy or able. But anything outside of her walls, take photos away!


  • do buy your “skip the line” timed-ticket online, that way you can avoid the line when you get there (the line is on the left side when facing the museum entrance).
    • Select your date that you want to visit in the calendar on the left of the screen, it will direct to a list of timings. Choose to do this as early as you can so you can walk to the market nearby for lunch and then walk back to take the Fridabus to Diego’s museum.
  • Your timed ticket also covers Diego’s museum down in…… You can catch a bus to Diego’s museum using the museum’s Fridabus (3 times available at 12.30pm, 2pm and 3.30pm). We didn’t make it to Diego’s museum but since you’ve already done Frida, why not check out her husband’s work too.


Should always be your first must see attraction when in Ciudad de Mexico.

These photos don’t do justice to what you see in person. If you think Eiffel Tower is magnificent, you’ve not seen this ancient mayan pyramids. Climbing up the Pyramid of the mood to get this view is intense. The stairs may not look as ridiculous as Pyramid of the Sun, but the height of each step as is long as your calves if you’re 5ft2 and non stop climbs. If you need a break, shuffle to the side so others could go up.

A few of the many rooms that’s restored.
Oh do check out some of the stores beside. For once the prices here aren’t really targeted just for tourists. But do walk around and scour. Don’t be afraid to negotiate but if you already think it’s cheap, then help these locals out with the original prices 😘
View from Pyramid of the Sun.
  • Sunday is free entry for the Mexicans, so avoid Sunday if you like as lines get super ridiculous as I’ve heard and takes hours.
  • Weekdays are great. We went on a Monday and there were no lines and was a good amount of people. Of course mainly tourists.
  • You do not need “skip the line” tickets for weekdays. We got ours on Viator and we really didn’t need it. Moreover we had a not so pleasant experience – either Viator did not communicate with the restaurant that we bought those tickets, they didn’t have our tickets ready. But thank goodness a local tour guide was around and she drove us there.
  • Plan to spend a day there to see everything. Yes you’ll be tired from the climbs but you wouldn’t feel like you’re missing anything. We didn’t get to see the tombs since it was right on the opposite end from Pyramid of the Moon and we were hungry and tired, but that’s almost everyone. I’ve heard great stuff about the sights there so maybe plan to start from there first.
  • If you’re traveling by Uber, make sure you put the pyramid’s address. The city that’s 10 mins away by bus/car is also called Teotihuacan.
  • The uber driver may ask if you want to take the toll or freeway. Take the toll as per Uber’s direction. The freeway is basically local streets which has a ton of traffic through one of the city and it was an hour additional and we did get slapped with more costs since we took a longer route.
  • Taking the bus may not be such a bad idea too. Much cheaper (50pesos pp one way) but if you’re in a group, I’m sure Uber is worth it too (about 250 pesos)

Final attraction

Castello de Chapultepec
I ❤️ castles so I would take every chance to see castles including this one.
Again you need to pay to take photos indoors. It’s a small castle/museum. Quite a hike up the hills to get up there. Take note that there’s no english translation at all. Los todos es en espanol.
While you’re on the streets, seeing all these amazing snacks, have you chanced upon the cricket? Apparently it’s a common snack there and clearly it’s so common they have them on stained glasses and statued for it. Do you see the cricket in the stained glass above?
Stained_glass.jpgThese stained glasses were mindblowing. How the natural sunlight just shines through it brings out every color distinctly. I had to snap it secretly.
Take some time to enjoy the scenic view of CDMX while you’re up there too.
  • Get there first thing in the morning when it opens on a weekday. Literally just a few people. You get to enjoy the views and museums at a nice slow pace. Crowds start to pick up after 11am.
  • There are lockers for backpacks/large bags before the hike up to the castle entrance. Bring small bags/purses etc if you don’t want to check in.
  • Avoid bringing water bottles up as the security guards will make you dump it. If you really need to bring water, consider using these collapsible water bags. Somehow they couldn’t figure out there’s water in it (I did keep this water bag sideways since I had a slingbag so it probably just looked like a plastic bag to them).
Any questions/feedback, feel free to drop in the comments 😊


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