The Wanders

Oh pasta! Oh prosciutto! Oh wine!

I’ve never been a fan of pasta, not because I’ve not had good ones in NYC and Singapore… But rather, I’ve only seen the same types served in every italian restaurant I’ve been too: tomato based, carbonara, pesto… I got sick of it…

When in Rome, do what the Romans do. When in Italy, do what the Italians do – have wine and carbs and meat.. Why not give italian food another shot if everyone raved that it’s so much better here… and so I did…

Starting with the restaurant Miscusi just right by my hotel, what looks like just a simple spot, I witnessed pasta made on the spot. There were several options but the menu wasn’t that easy to navigate, or rather I was too tired from all the traveling to figure it out. So I dived straight into what I know: pesto (the dish name is called Trofie)!

This looked normal until I had my first bite! The strong pesto blew my expectations away. Rather the type of pasta used with this pesto, every bite was chewy and pesto-ey. I love pesto but this probably the best pesto pasta I’ve had. It didn’t taste watered down. It was a strong flavor but wasn’t too cheesy like how most pesto are made. Dipped with that buffalo mozzarella cream on top, it balances out the flavor if you want to, and the seeds gave a nice crunchy chew, but it was still a perfect combination.

For my last meal of the trip, I’ve decided to go back to the same place and tried something else: codfish Tortelli. This wasn’t too bad, it was slightly bland, the lemon flavor might have covered too much of the taste since I could taste mostly lemon and broccoli. Fish was great but codfish has always been bland so it may not have been the right choice to bring out the seafood flavor. But that’s just my opinion. I’d say try this dish as your last choice if all else runs out or if you’ve tried everything on the menu.

My favorite place thus far is Signorvino (via Dante location). It’s both a wine shop and a restaurant. On the outside it looks like just wine store, but step on it for the restaurant. Or bewildered by the selections of wines and wines and wines! Hah!

For all prosciutto and salame lovers, you have to try their selection. Coming from NYC, I was taken aback by the portions and freshness of the cured meats. It was definitely more meat than I can handle. On top of that, the fermented vegetables that came as a side served well as an in-betweener with each slice. You’ll want to eat those to clean your palate. These guys were so affordable too at €5 each.

Of course I can’t forget my wine: the Amarone della Valpocella Classico DOCG from Farino-Veneto at €10. This was slightly more expensive than other selections of wines but somehow my favorite wines have been on the higher range. But this was well worth the price! What we get here in NYC vs in Italy…. nothing comparable! I actually bought a bottle for my sis as it’s her favorite too.

 What better way to end my last day in Milan with another meal at my favorite restaurant? This time I chose the Pappardelle al ragù d’anatra. Buono!! Coupled with a wine that I actually can’t remember which I ordered but the menu typically come with a paired wine recommendation or you can always ask the waiter for suggestions.

That’s all folks for my foodporn in Milan 🙂

PS. That featured photo of coffee, was taken at a cafe near the ticketing place for Duomo. I don’t actually remember the name of this coffee….


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