The Wanders

Milan oh Milan…

On the last 3 days in 2017, I decided to visit Milan for 3 days after an amazing Moroccan trip (posts coming up in the next few weeks). I could have gone back to Paris again but I’m glad I decided to check off Milan. It was definitely just worth a 3 days trip IMO.

Duomo di Milano

Cathedral_sunset.jpgCaught this on a day when the sunset was glorious! The cathedral practically looks like its on a golden fire!


Angel_by_stained_glass.jpgI’m not going to lie that I was quite disappointed with the interior of the cathedral. It’s filled paintings hanging from the ceiling. But as I kept walking in, I’m glad I caught this sight. What a perfect place to have this golden angel right in front of the stained glass! Every stained glass panel tells a delicate story.


  • Get in the line to get into the cathedral before it opens. I arrived at 9.15am and had to wait 30-45mins to get in.
  • You can get your ticket the day before as well, so don’t feel that you need to use it on the day of. Please note that the ticket purchase are sold at the building on the right of the cathedral. You will need ticket to get in line.
  • Security checks are pretty thorough so make sure to just bring only the appropriate things allowed and needed. Scour the board of “what not to bring in” just right outside the entrance

Castello Sforzesco


I would say check this place out. Lots of amazing art you don’t even see at the NYC Met Museum. From floor to ceiling, it’s full of christian arts and also several exhibits such as musical instruments (for all the lovers out there, you wouldn’t want to miss this)


  • The castle grounds are free entry so feel free to stroll around and take lots of photos.
  • Be there as early as you can before 11am if you want to explore the arts within the museum. There huge crowds start pretty much during lunch time.

Check out some night shots of Milan post christmas.

I have to say that Christmas in Milan is kinda nice. Christmas markets were still opened so were christmas trees and lightings. I’m glad I was able to catch the christmas vibes when I couldn’t in the Sahara desert.

Check out the rest of the photos in this slideshow:

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