The Wanders


When in Morocco, this is a must visit place if you want all instagram-worthy shots, because that’s what everyone does these days. But all things social media aside, Chefchaouen is more than just instagram worthy. It’s culture worthy!

  • It was once a dwelling place for the Moors from Spain and Jews
  • Jews were probably the ones to have painted their dwelling areas in blue as it’s the same color as the sky and helps them feel closer to God.
    • which led to more blue houses
  • Locals there still speaks Spanish, so if you can speak it, you have no worries šŸ™‚
  • Almost every spot is instagram worthy if you know how to angle it. Every angle is beautiful in the different hues of blue.

Here are some photos for you šŸ™‚



But of course there are other areas of where it’s more colorful. Just put the phone down, quit speed walking to find the spot everyone took a photo of and just enjoy every step you take šŸ™‚


And of course the kids are pretty mesmerized by you. But beware that some of these are so used to tourists visiting them and taking photos with them, giving them gifts that they are asking straight up for some money. But we got an opportunity to take a photo of these kids (while they are with their mum) and they are adorable and enjoyed every single moment of the photo taking session.


As the end of the daylight is arriving, our driver drove us to the other end of the hill where we got to see the sunset, but what’s even more mesmerizing is how blue the entire city looks. It was



  • Stay overnight so you have some time to enjoy the old and new city.
  • Eat where the locals eat if you want authenticity even though they may not have great reviews on yelp or foursquare or etc. But also understand that these apps are very westernized-owned apps so they could be reviewed by tourists mostly.
  • Want to get some souvenirs like pashmina etc? Keep walking around, ask the price once, if you don’t like it, walk away and find another place. I bought a pashmina for 80MAD, but this other store said he would give me 70MAD. I managed to get other pashminas in Marrakech for 50MAD so I’m sure you can go a little bit more down.
  • Don’t feel obliged to take photos with the kids who goes around asking you to take photos with them, because they would follow up next with “you take photo of me, you give me money?”
  • Snacks are also worth buying as they are too darn cheap! And you can help the community by buying their snacks šŸ™‚


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