The Wanders

Sashaying in Sahara

Another must do in Morocco (or in Algeria since the desert covers both the countries) is to visit the Sahara desert. Stay overnight if you can. You won’t regret it.

Take the 4 wheeler ride or take a camel ride thru the curvy sandy desert. Admire the sunset and the stars. Yes there’s literally miles of nothingness but TBH you won’t feel bored (I hope).

If you stay overnight, you get to live the Berber (the indigenous community in North Africa) way. Well sorta. But you definitely get some pretty good dinner and entertainment (if you’re not too tired from the ride) by the bonfire. When I say entertainment I meant music and singing. It’s quite awesome to hear them.


It was Christmas day the next morning. We woke up at 5.30am to get ready to take our rides back at 6am. Camels don’t seem to sleep as they are all awake. But the sunrise was spectacular! You can’t beat it! The color of the sun shining onto the soft peach sand, makes this whole place even more peaceful than ever. And if you’re lucky, you get to see another large group of riders from afar and that view is pretty!




Don’t forget that sometimes the shadows of your group rides can be pretty amazing too. It just feels like you’re riding to Bethlehem to see you know who. Hah!



  • If you got a driver driving you along with another group, whom will likely make stops in between for sight-seeing, make sure to check in with him what time you’ll likely arrive at the desert. We made several stops from Fes (it has to be at least an 8-hour drive) so we ended up making it in the nick of time and without knowing if we will be riding back same night or something.
    • If you’re staying only a night and the same driver is taking you back to your next destination, make sure you prepare a small bag that contains your camera, phone, toiletries if you need and water) and leave the rest of the stuff in the car.
  • Your phone may or may not work in the desert so please don’t panic. Take this as an opportunity to enjoy your surroundings and your trip that you paid for with your eyes and heart and all your senses.
  • Depending on what price point you have chose for your stay, please clarify. There’s a luxury tent that looks amazing as crazy! But that’s not what we chose. Ours ended being a 8 people tent so as long as you’re ok with that, do it. But we didn’t have a lot of folks since it was a winter season.
    • That said if you’re going during the winter, please pack extra winter jacket. The packable jackets are my lifesaver with space!


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