The Wanders

“Never-ending” Road Trip

When traveling from city to city in Morocco, you’ll inevitably have to go on a roadtrip. Our amazing driver Ahmed drove us from Fes to Chefchaouen and made stops in between that are just even more instagram worthy!

Barrage Sidi Chahed


There were a lot of gourds having by the roadside with only one person taking care of all of them. What you see in the above picture are just a “few” of them. There were more on the other side of the road. I wonder what the uses are for other than cooking them….

Along the way, you’ll see some Moroccans hitting trees with sticks and mini balls go dropping on the floormat. You may have guessed it – OLIVES!! Some of these trees are not family grown, but from what Ahmed had said – any families or people can pick olives from any trees and sell them in the markets. Well now you know that you can pick these yourself! But why not help these families and buy from them instead?

Where there are olives, olive oil is no stranger… But! Where is the olive oil mill you would think…. Ahmed kindly drove us to one!


First, throw in bags and bags of olives. Let it mill and mill by the heavy iron wheels and crush them into paste (yes it does look gross when you see it upclose). Then transfer a thin onto sheets of “ropes” and squeeze them as hard as you can to get the oil out! TADA!!! Here’s some olive oil for you!

Mind you, to get one small bottle of olive oil, it may require a big bag load of olives to get them!

Next day, as we venture from Fes to Sahara to Marrakesh, we met with more amazing nature sites and cities that are much older and truly Morocco originals. Unfortunately as I had no internet access or the right app (Swarm is the best travel pin app even when offline), I had no collection of where we were. So here are some beautiful nature for you to enjoy.


Last but not least, I need to give a shout out to our amazing restless driver – Zayd! This guy was operating on less than 4 hours of sleep the night we had to leave Fes at 6am (he also spent a day driving a couple from Fes to Chef the day before, when Ahmed drove us too), dropped us off in Sahara at 5pm, didn’t get to sleep until 10pm and had to be up at 7am to drive us all the way to Marrakesh 12 hours later. Driving along the mountains with only 2 way streets was no feat and requires practice and expertise, especially during the nights and tackling large tour buses. But Jade Tour trusted Zayd to do and we trusted him too.


Here is Zayd pictured above! He made a stop unexpectedly in the middle of nowhere that is just plain stretch of road and land, directed us to sit in the middle of the road with our cameras in his hand… then we realized what was going on. Hah! Below was what he pictured:


That’s all folks!


  • Do tip these drivers generously. They really don’t earn a lot on a monthly salary. Probably just a few hundred US dollars worth and many nights they have no time to get back home to spend time with their wives and children, so they sleep in the office.
    • You can treat them to lunch or dinner as well but they typically just thank you and get their own meals instead. Don’t be offended when they do. Sometimes they probably get either reimbursed or allowances, so they’ll feel uncomfortably accepting gifts like these.



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