The Wanders


If there are any posts that I’m quite reluctant to post, this would be it. I wouldn’t need to post this, but since I’ve been to this city where everyone I know says it’s a must visit, I figured I’ll share some shots to show that I’ve been here.

But in all honesty, I was not in love with Marrakesh. Not that I was expecting more. I don’t because I don’t know what to expect out of it other than the market square. But what didn’t catch my love is that it didn’t felt unique. It seemed as though everything was catered to the tourists. Yes everything was local, but yet somehow you could feel that everything was structured locally but in the tourists POV.

We did manage to see the burial ground which was one of the few highlights. It’s a big room with beautiful art tiles, but be prepared to stand in the line to see it because there is only one door or opening to see it for a few seconds before the death stares from everyone else waiting behind you.


The ruined castle wasn’t that well maintained except the outdoor grounds. They definitely made use of the space to grow some oranges!_dsc2925_dsc2905_dsc2914

The market square in the day time was pretty cool. Lots of drinks/juice stands for really cheap. About 15dirhams per cup, depending on the ingredients. Pomegranate tends to be more expensive but it’s still really good. But keep walking through the medinas, you’ll be surprised at some of the things you’ll find. From clothing to dates to spices to teas to fresh meat etc.. It’s a marketplace for everything. _dsc2898_dsc2888

All things aside, we did pass by a store with a gigantic dog!!



  • Night Market gets really crowded when the stalls start setting up for dinner. Beware if you have issues with people talking into your faces. These locals are not afraid to grab your arms and speak right into your faces to eat at their stall instead.
  • As things are cheap, don’t be afraid to bargain and it’s really ok. These sellers are used to the bargains that they sometimes double/triple their prices in the initial stage.
  • If you get lured into staying to hear about argan oil and if you are really done, just persist that you need to leave. If not you’ll end up spending more time and money (even with the freebies they are giving you). Do not get sucked in if you weren’t planning to get any argan oil.
    • Feel free to google and research what raw argan oil should smile/look like. IMO, since it’s directly coming from the nuts, the original smell should still remain nutty since it’s only been processed through grinding and water, with no other chemicals or essential oils added.


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