2020: Jan Jump Start – Perseverance

Happy New Year! Happy 2020!!

Feels like a great number! Feels like the year of things actually happening.. Feels like the year I actually try to fulfill some if not most, if not ALL my resolutions for the year…. This calls for a lot of characteristics: Determination, Perseverance, Learning to Embrace Failures, Patience, Get Up and Keep Crawling/Walking/Running.

So here it is – my 2020 resolutions! Lots of things I know. But hopefully I find some motivation somewhere to keep going to achieve some lists.


Is this the final one for the entire year? Of course not. Plans change, life changes. There will always be some unexpected events, so will this resolution change? Yes! But doesn’t mean that everything will change. So if you’re doing resolutions for this year, don’t feel like you need to stick to the exact lists.

So this is how I’m hoping this method would work – create a monthly resolution:


There are a couple of events happening this month:

  1. Company Sales conference which means lots of feasting.. Hard to lose weight.. Hard to find time to read a book. Hard to sleep early… But doesn’t mean I can’t try. There’s a swimming pool and a fitness center at the hotel. I have P.Volve streaming membership..
  2. Home for CNY last 2 weeks in Jan. Again, lots of feasting and socializing and playing with the nieces. But I can try my best to wake up and go running first thing in the morning! Find classes to go to using Classpass because I need to use up the credits before I lose any credits left after 10. Again, P.Volve streaming available!
  3. Limit Spending <$500 (this is an exaggerated amount I put for myself) – definitely not happening since I just took out more than that for the trip (to convert), but if I exclude the monthly allowances given to parents, technically this is absolutely possible since expenses at home is way better than in NYC.

There are 12 months, 52 weeks, 366 days in 2020. Lots of things can happen. But we can always start somewhere even if it’s small. No pressure.

When you do fulfill some of it by the end of 2020, give yourself a pat on the shoulders, treat yourself, pamper yourself, because you did it! You achieved some things. Better than no achieving it. Every little details count!

We got this!!


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