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2020: Feb Staying Strong!

Way overdued on sharing my Feb resolution but it’s actually going on pretty good. But I’m sure it gets harder to keep up in a few months time. That’s the problem when keeping resolutions HAH!

But my goals for Feb hasn’t really changed much from Jan. Some were a success and a continuation from Jan, whilst some failed so I’m hoping to improve this month. Here’s a peek:

Well as you can see, I already finished reading one book – Ali Wong’s Dear Girls: Intimate Tales, Untold Secrets & Advice for Living Your Best Life. It’s a freaking hilarious book! It may come across as very crude due to her choice of language, but I’ve never read a more real and genuine biography. Also, she’s a comedian, and if you watched her standup (which is on Netflix by the way), you’ll understand the way she writes. She did give a warning at the beginning of the book to her girls to only read when they turned 21.. So if you’re someone who thinks it’s inappropriate to use inappropriate words in front of kids, I’m not going to say to not read this book, but I’m going to say that you need to have an OPEN MIND. I’ve never felt more relatable (could be because I’m also Asian), but what I’ve learned from her is that it’s ok to feel a certain frustration because of my color, and it’s ok to say something back to oblivion. Just because someone said something subtly racist, doesn’t make it right for them.. Throw it back with humor and grace, at least you know you’ve tried.

So on with fulfilling the rest of the goals for this month. One more week to go!

Not to forget to provide an update on what I’ve achieved and what was hard to for Jan’s resolution:

A few things to give myself pats on the back for :

  • being able to kick in some varieties of workouts even during the sales conference. There was a heated outdoor pool and a gym in the hotel, so why not take that chance. But I do have to emphasize that if you are going back into a particular workout after a very long time, PLEASE do a lot of warmups! Swimming and my thighs……
  • saving at the amount that I needed to per week. Wasn’t easy but after realizing that my 2019 calculations needs to be shifted because I was thinking of the various savings in a different way, the 2020 calculations made it more realistic for me to work with based on the obligated savings I need to set aside.
  • I did write at least one blog in Jan.. Have a couple of topics in mind just need to get my writing down, particularly one topic.. Just thinking if I’d like to publicize it.

Did I sort of “cheat” on some thing? Yes… Reading one book. I did start “Becoming” by Michelle Obama in December when one of the ladies at work had a women’s bookclub session on this book. Not that I wasn’t motivated to finish in one seating but there were a couple of sections that became too repetitive, I had to stopped reading as my brain just can’t get past it. But at least I did finish it and I think it was pretty good. (I do have the tendency to not finish a book)

So I did most of them, with the exception of losing the weight and limiting spending! This is in part due to the sales conference in Austin… BBQ food! And also Chinese New Year and things were way cheaper back at home so inevitably I ended up spending more than I usually do with food. Additionally with the recent case of Covid-19, I did spend more on supplements and supplies. I did manage my own expectations in Jan that these 2 resolutions may be harder to achieve but I still tried harder than usual. At least I’ve tried.

Waking up @ 6.30am everyday wasn’t that doable because I was home for CNY, but also working EST for one week through to 5.30am (local time in Asia) so there was no way I could get up in 1-2 hours. I should have been more specific that this wake up time would be most relevant for work days, neither weekends nor vacation time.

So first resolution in Jan wasn’t quite bad. I didn’t think there were too many resolutions to hit, but rather these helped me to stay on track better than a goal that’s for months down the road. I hope that by breaking it out month to month, helps me to review my past month’s experience and how I can improve on it or continue to build a healthy habit around it.

For those who have set a resolution for this year or started, what are you experiences so far? Would love to hear them 🙂

Signing off

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