Invisalign, The Experiments

Week 8: The 6th tray torture…

I should at least try to keep up with this on a weekly basis but due to some life circumstances in the past 1.5 months, I didn’t take note of Trays 2 and 3. But coming on Tray 5 now, I can see the subtle difference.

I can definitely see the lower teeth shifting slightly to align with my upper teeth now. The “hole-ly” gap between my lower canine and upper tooth is also closing up. Quite incredible considering the pain I go through first 2 days of the new tray…

But you can see if clearer after I’ve removed the trays in the next 2 images. Yup the canine gap is closed!! My central incisors of both upper and lower are starting to shift to align with one another…

Some of my experiences I’ve encountered in the past 2 months:

  • Grinding
    • I never realized how much and how hard I’ve been grinding my teeth for the past 2-3 years under a few circumstances – sleep, stress and COLD weather.
    • I did get a few headaches in the first few weeks because these trays were tight but I was also grinding them even harder which made me force myself to stop
    • So in a way, I’m thankful that I’ve had these trays in as a soft cushion between my grinds every minute.
  • Eating
    • The way I chew with every tray gets weirder and weirder.. I’m not exactly biting as much or maybe I am now but what I know is that food are getting trapped more often in between the tooths…
    • I’m trying to be conscious of chewing more as I have the tendency to chew down a few times and swallow them.. INDIGESTION!!
  • Pain!
    • In all honest, trays 2-4 were fine. No pain felt whenever I switched to the new trays…
    • Until tray 5…. this tray got too real… I can’t tell if it was super tight but since I’m trying to shift my tooths inertly, I’m assuming it’s forcing my alignments to expand.. But this was as intense as Tray 1…
    • Yes I ended up having to wear Tray 4 for 3 weeks because I didn’t have tray 5 and the dentist had to shave a few millimeters off some tooths before I put on tray 5.. Not happy with it but I can see why she had to do it. My tooths would not fit into alignment! (circled below are the 3 tooths she had to shave something off. I got a little worried.

I’ve gotten trays 7 and 8 in my hands and I tried to see if there really were any differences between the trays – there ARE, just super duper subtle. A little blurred but take a look at the circled difference in the image below (that I felt was a little more obvious) between tray 1 (right side) vs tray 8 (left side). My canine is quite aligned (outwardly) by tray 8. The tooth to the right also looks like it’s shifting outwardly!

After seeing how the trays are comparing (tray to tray), I can’t wait to see the end result already. As far as I know for now, it’s one tray per week for supposedly 14 weeks (the dentist still thinks 20 weeks is the best), which means 14 trays. Other than tray 4 which I’ve worn the longest, all other trays and upcoming tray 7 and 8 has and will be one week installation. so 6 more trays to go thereafter!!

Can’t wait!!

PS. For those who have or are on SmileDirectClub, CandidCo and other similar brands where you need not see the dentist throughout the process, I’d like to know your experiences as well since no clippings or shavings are needed.


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