It’s a Relief

Dear V,

It wasn’t as sad of a day you think it would be, unfortunately reality was real and you never thought it would happen to you because you know the kind of work you put out. Professional and organized. You thought this would never put you out of job. You’re right. But other things would… it was what it was. There’s nothing to be ashamed of.

You got let go/fired/laid off? It is also Covid19 period. The beginning of it even. But for whatever reason, we’ll never know. It can mean a lot of things. The product is on status quo. There are several costs cutting now across the board. A lot of companies are laying off people and on hiring freeze for at least next 3 months. You’re not alone. But this is also a blessing in disguise.

But know that you’ve tried. Many times, you did your best and to the fullest. Many things happen and businesses need to survive. Nothing wrong with that. Don’t feel bad or frustrated because many people are too. But we are human beings who have been through a lot and things have always gotten better than ever 🙂

Yes it’ll be hard in the first few days but remember there’s a huge grass field out there that’s greener! Look on the bright side of life. Easier said than done, but we creatures who tend to relay towards the negative side on first ground, we can try to work towards being more positive at times. All we need to do is try.

In the meantime, take a break, you deserve it.. You’ve been going non-stop for it. Traveling wasn’t a break and you know that. You just needed a break and this was it. It’s not timely with Covid19 happening but there’s a lot to learn during this time. Others may find if hard to be humble but doesn’t mean you can’t find it humble. So don’t take too long.

You got this! I believe in you. You’ve got so many who still believes in you and got your back. They’ve shown it. Trust them and lean on them.


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