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2020: Mar – A big change is coming!

This month has been a little tough but some things are still achieved that I couldn’t in the first 2 months of 2020. But some progress.

But a lot more WFH situations due to Covid19, but this gave me more opportunities to be mindful of what I do to my mental and physical state of mind and body.

Before going straight into March’s resolutions, let’s take a look at Feb’s.

  • Instead of losing weight, I ended up putting on more due to poor eating habits from jetlag, traveling and stress.
  • Could not wake up at 6.30am constantly due to stress…
  • Didn’t end up cooking more again due to stress.

But the good thing that help kept my energy up was the #30dayskoreanginsengchallenge. I was hoping to give a short write up on a frequent basis in Feb but it was hard mentally. Part of it had to do with I was trying to do too much that I ended up not doing because the thought of it was stressful. Something that I somehow had to learn to control and just breathe and take it one step at a time… One Step At A Time!! OSAT!!

But otherwise, there are some resolutions I’ve fulfilled! Ta-DA!!!

So onto March! Looking a little better. WFH sort of made it better I mentioned – more mindful of what I eat, how much I drink and working out more since I’m commuting less so I’m not at all feeling de-energized everytime I have to commute 45mins back home after a workout.

  • Been waking up later since most weeks have turned into a WFH situation with Covid19, which means I don’t have to wake up earlier to prep but I still keep it to a routine and habit of being up by 8am.
  • Therapy – I really want to start on it face-to-face. Found one that’s about 10mins away but with the Covid19 getting worse, I didn’t want to risk it. But I’ll still be going back to it once I have a job in place. Right now, I need to save wherever I can since therapy ain’t affordable.
  • Could not finish reading that one book “Maybe You Should Talk to Someone” because it’s a pretty thick book or so I think since I’m reading through Kindle. And I also started on another book the moment I saw it somewhere “Bullying Scars – Impact on Adult Life & Relationships“. I need to take one book at a time! But I’m reading less since I usually make it a commute habit. I do need to make it a bedtime or noon break habit too.

But onto the stuff I did manage to accomplish:

  • Lost more weight than I want to because I’ve been cooking more and eating better. Smaller portions, making more protein bowls and snacks. But let’s see how this keeps up. I think the weight loss becomes stagnant after a while so I need to understand differences between muscle mass and fat reduction..
  • Posted more than one posts this month. I’ve got a couple of other topics to cover but I need to sort through the multitude of conversations going through my head and make it short.
  • I stuck to the savings that I could save however much I set myself to.
  • I did start reaching out to networks and connections for jobs. More to come!

So this wasn’t too bad right? Manageable and I did do my best to make some changes to habits and being more aware and mindful of my mental and physical state.. I realized how important it is to take care of these 2. If not, there will be some things that fall apart.

Signing off:


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