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Week 13: Straight is coming!

Been falling behind on my writing on Invisalign. With so much going on (Covid19, WFH arragements etc). But I’ve got time now, so let’s get this going.

Week 13… Should have been closer to the end of the program which is tray 13, but I’m re-wearing tray 10 for another week for a couple of reasons:

  • I only have up to tray 12 and dentist office is closed until it’s safe to open again.
  • My teeth still hasn’t full recovered with tray 10. I feel some soreness on the bottom left side on most days..
  • Dentist has sent an email instructing to extend each tray from 1 week to 2-3 weeks. On the 3rd week the aligners will be acting more like retainers so wear time can be reduced to around 15-18 hours rather than 22.
    • Though I admit I haven’t been wearing the full 22 hours on most days, so that explains why it’s always so sore when I click it back in.

But I can definitely see the differences (except the attachments are in the way!)

Tell me you see the difference? My bottom molar (left when you look at it) is shifting inwards, the top tooth right above the same molar is shifting outwards to align with the rest of my tooths!

But I have to say that I see a much more drastic shifts between tray 10 and tray 11 so I expect it to be more “painful”. I have been taking ibuprofen on the first days when switching to trays 8, 9 and 10. In fact for this 10th tray, it was 2 days of ibuprofen..

This is what is looks like without the aligners. This may be easier to spot the difference 🙂

And in case you’re wondering how my smile has changed:

Guess which is before and after???

The smile on the left is the effect of Tray 10. You can see the my 2 buck tooths and the one on the left of it has started to move in alignment with each other.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one comparing the trays all the time but I definitely compare Tray 1 to the last tray that I receive. It’s just “comforting” to see proofs of how my tooths are shifting.. I won’t be able to get that with braces I think. The above pic shows the difference between Tray 1 and Tray 12. It’s pretty drastic considering I wore all trays for 1 week except for 2 trays…

On a side note, Covid19’s “Stay-at-home” has been a blessing for me because I don’t have to be worried about how I look everytime I remove these trays in restaurants or in the office whenever I need to eat. The time spent in the office bathroom cleaning after every mean and brushing these trays. I don’t have to go on dates with these! HAH!! Just 2 more trays once after the office opens which is probably 2-3 weeks more and I can be completely free from the attachments!!

Signing off!


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