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Leave Room for Love #staytogether

Dear Citizens of the World,

I feel some of your anger for what started that led to this massive global pandemic.
I’m a Chinese from Asia, and I understand your fear and anxiety when you see me on the streets, you’re wondering if I may be a carrier. I don’t blame you and I won’t try to defend myself because if I were in your shoes, I would probably feel the same way.

I’m sorry you lost a loved one. I would be angry too.
I’m sorry you lost your job. I did too and yes I was very angry as well..
I’m sorry you can’t see your family upclose. I am pinning to see my family as well and yes I’m angry that we can’t.
I’m sorry you feel trapped at home. I am with you.

There are many angers and hatred and I’m with you too. Racism towards minorities around the world, millions unemployed, not enough funds for rent, bill, groceries and essential items, terrified of not being able to pay for healthcare…..

But if I may, can I ask for a tiny favor? As you’re building rooms for those anger and hatred, can you consider using them to accommodate for love, kindness and compassion instead? There hasn’t been enough rooms for these in the history of mankind to this date, and I think we can use them for positive emotions now. When this is all over, we can always re-decorate those rooms for the negative emotions then if you still want it.

I know it’s not easy. I’m learning too. But everyday, as the numbers grow exponentially throughout the world, I can’t imagine how much more positivity is needed for those who are affected.

If you see or hear someone being discriminated, how can we lift their spirits up? I’m sure we’ve all experienced discriminations before and knew how terrible it made us felt and it sucked, so can we speak words of kindness for them now?

If you heard someone’s despair because they lost a job, how about sharing some positive thoughts instead of reminding them how hard it would be to find another job now?

Know a neighbor who has compromised immune system and can’t be out, but if you’re worried about going out to get groceries, how about helping them to order groceries delivered, or even drop a note of positive thoughts or prayers under their door for them?

Know someone who lives alone and possibly having a hard time being on their own without any in-person social interactions, worried for their family and friends? How about picking up the phone for a call and catch up? Or a text or email? Doesn’t have to be long 🙂

Find ways and methods to show some love, kindness, understanding and compassion for everyone. Lend a helping hand if you can, lend an ear to hear their stories. That’s what the world needs now… I know that’s what I need, my family and friends all need it, especially the everyone at the frontline who stayed at work for us…

– Stay positive
– Stay kind
– Stay compassionate
– Stay safe
– Stay home together
– Stay home for them
– Stay home of our parents
– Stay home for our friends
– Stay home for us
– Stay strong
– Stay UNITED!

We got this Citizens of the World! We got this!

With Love

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