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2020: April – It will be alright

Navigating first month of unemployment wasn’t as bad as I thought… Just a little bit of struggle with no actual work to keep my mind occupied… But it was sort of a good break. Much needed one perhaps to be able to breathe without the anxiety and pressures.

But either way, April’s resolution is pretty subtle although I have to say the “Stay Home” order doesn’t really make it easy to achieve some goals…. Motivation definitely wasn’t the main “key” here.

Finally finished “Bullying Scars“. It’s by no means a resource on how to overcome it, but purely a research and analysis based on those who have been victims and bullies themselves and how impacted their lives growing up. It became a perspective for me to be mindful of how I “view” myself and every individual around me. You never really know what they went through during their childhood. But I do see a pattern with what I went through with several of these stories. I guess it’s comforting to read that I’m not alone growing up with those scars..

Now the stay-home did definitely do some fun with my body weight though and it’s common so nothing to fret about.. The only thing I should have been mindful of how being unemployed may have affected my mental health that led me to some sort of stress eating, whether that contributed to weight gain or not, it’s just one out of the many factors…

Job hunting hasn’t been easy as more and more layoffs are happening but I wasn’t as aggressive about it as well. Hiring freezes everywhere, recruiters are losing their jobs as well and this was only the beginning of the pandemic here in USA.. So I thought to use this time for better use to improve/gain new skills, do some things that I’ve been putting oh hold for a while – volunteering for this non-profit organization and enrolling in online course!

May 2020 – We got this!!

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