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2020: Feb Staying Strong!

Way overdued on sharing my Feb resolution but it's actually going on pretty good. But I'm sure it gets harder to keep up in a few months time. That's the problem when keeping resolutions HAH! But my goals for Feb hasn't really changed much from Jan. Some were a success and a continuation from Jan,… Continue reading 2020: Feb Staying Strong!

The Wanders

“Never-ending” Road Trip

When traveling from city to city in Morocco, you'll inevitably have to go on a roadtrip. Our amazing driver Ahmed drove us from Fes to Chefchaouen and made stops in between that are just even more instagram worthy! Barrage Sidi Chahed There were a lot of gourds having by the roadside with only one person… Continue reading “Never-ending” Road Trip

The Wanders

Sashaying in Sahara

Another must do in Morocco (or in Algeria since the desert covers both the countries) is to visit the Sahara desert. Stay overnight if you can. You won't regret it. Take the 4 wheeler ride or take a camel ride thru the curvy sandy desert. Admire the sunset and the stars. Yes there's literally miles… Continue reading Sashaying in Sahara

The Wanders


When in Morocco, this is a must visit place if you want all instagram-worthy shots, because that's what everyone does these days. But all things social media aside, Chefchaouen is more than just instagram worthy. It's culture worthy! It was once a dwelling place for the Moors from Spain and Jews Jews were probably the… Continue reading Chefchaouenly-Blue

The Wanders


First time in the African continent, never have I thought to venture into this continent so soon. But thanks to the girls for pulling me into this, I seriously would never have thought to visit Morocco as the last trip of 2017! One week in Morocco was definitely not enough, but since when has a… Continue reading FEScination